We are in dire need of photographers willing to document our events and theater productions for historical and online use.
We own an excellent Nikon camera for their use but require individuals who would like to attend our events and photograph the attendees and the ongoings.

Historically we have always performed  with musicians and vocalists from our body of patrons.  Since moving to Colorado we are rather void of such splendid people in our lives.  If you sing, dance, play any instrument and would like to work with us, please sing out your name.  The offer stands for visual artists as well.

Assistance is required to greet our patrons and guests at our events.  We are looking for individuals willing to take  tickets, offer huge smiles, strong handshakes (and hugs and kisses on the cheek) while directing guests upstairs to our reception room, restrooms, and meeting hall.  Free admission, of course, to individuals willing to stand at our door and warmly welcome our guests before shows begin.

In order to produce a worthy Kickstarter campaing for our Soul Shoes Project, we are seeking a videographer to film and edit the presentation for the campaign.

Please contact us if you are able and available to assist us in these regards.  We will kiss your feet.

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